Elena Vladyuk, born in Siberia, is a soprano singer and model. She is a graduate of the Drama School of Chisinau in Moldova and the Opera Department of the International Slavic University in Moscow. Elena is also a singer in the successful vocal vintage trio ‘The Lollipops’, which has been performing at various events, functions in London and all over the UK. Her experience includes musical theatre, TV commercials, series and fashion magazines.

In 2015, Elena met Clive Nolan and she was cast as one of the main soloists (the role of Ustane) in the theatrical production of Clive’s first musical, “She”, performed in the Netherlands in 2016. Due to unforeseen personal circumstances, Elena never took part in the show. However, the plans of Clive and Elena working together never vanished from the horizon, and Elena was the first choice when the thought of creating another solo female part for “The Rise of Medici” emerged.

Elena Vladyuk